Plenković: 'The violator of the Constitution had a chance to resign.  He showed himself to be a political coward…'

After the session of the HDZ presidency where the election campaign was discussed, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković he made a statement to the media. He revealed at the session of the presidency of the HDZ that they were dealing with the election campaign that had started and that they had “analyzed a little”.

Regarding GDP growth, he said that “we have reached Hungary, which joined the EU exactly 9 years ago”. Then he added that he would raise pensions to an average of at least 760 euros.

– Of course we will achieve our goal of joining the OECD in exactly two years – he said.

– The activity is dynamic, the atmosphere is positive. I think it is clear, in these elections, we have a choice before the voters – continue to restore trust in us or take a risk and give trust, for example, to Grbin, who abdicated before the elections, to those he is gathering violator of the Constitution and those who would drag Croatia back into international isolation with their program – he said.

– We are looking forward to another campaign, I am sure that the choice of Croatian citizens will be wise – he adds.

Asked if he would respond to interviews, he answered:

– At the moment, as the current Prime Minister, I have no one to face. The violator of the Constitution had until Friday to resign. It continues to violate the Constitution. He is completely irrelevant. He showed himself a political coward. Whoever wants to be the Croatian Prime Minister must participate in the political game, must expose himself, engage in an exchange of views, and not violate democratic principles and the constitutional order. He is more the subject of interest of the Constitutional Court and SEC, not us – Plenkovi said.

When asked if he expects the Constitutional Court to react again, he pointed out that it should be asked of them. He addressed the criticisms related to number of women on the lists.

– Unlike small parties, HDZ is a large party that has the only true presence throughout Croatia. We have confidence in 45% of cities and municipalities in Croatia. In filtering the candidates to get down to the number 154, it is not a simple exercise. I think we did the maximum we could. We behave legally, we run a campaign in accordance with all democratic principles. Those who violate the Constitution or support violators of the Constitution, they are problematic, let the SEC and the Constitutional Court deal with them – he said.

He announced that the campaign will include everything from meetings, press conferences, to activities on social networks.

– We will be maximally active and engaged, as always – he said.

– Thanks to us, Croatia achieved it growth in all areas. There are no practical areas and policies where we have not made a breakthrough, and we want to continue to do so – boasted the Prime Minister.

He said of Milanovć’s new cover image on Facebook that looks like an election poster: “I don’t know, I didn’t notice it. I don’t care.” When asked how he comments on Milanović’s statement that he will ban Rafale overflights over Zagreb, he said that he thinks that “Milanović will not be president for much longer”. He mentioned that the presidential elections are at the end of the year.

– I think that nobody wants to see such a violator of the constitution anymore. He didn’t do anything, his face is miserable – he said. He also added that Milanov’s role in acquiring the Rafale was zero.

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