Biden criticizes abortion ban after six weeks in Florida

US President Joe Biden has the Supreme Court decision in the state of Florida banning abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy sharply criticized. This will make “urgently needed medical care even more inaccessible to millions of women in Florida and across the South,” Biden said on Tuesday. “This is outrageous,” he added.

Florida’s highest court cleared the way for tightening abortion rights on Monday. Governor Ron DeSantis issued the ban on abortions after the sixth week in April 2023 – according to the court decision, it will now come into force in 30 days. Currently, abortions are permitted in the state up to the 15th week of pregnancy. This will happen now reduced to a point in time when women wouldn’t even know they were pregnant criticized Biden.

At the same time as the rules on abortion were tightened, the Florida Supreme Court made it possible Abortion rights vote in November. Accordingly, people in the state can decide whether to add an amendment to the constitution that would guarantee the right to abortion.

The majority of Americans support abortion rights

The US Supreme Court triggered a political earthquake in June 2022 with its highly controversial decision, the landmark ruling Roe v. Wade to repeal the 1973 law that enshrined a nationwide right to abortion. About 20 states have since banned or restricted abortions. Polls show a majority of Americans support continued access to safe abortions. However, conservatives are pushing for this to be restricted or banned entirely.

US President Biden and his Democrats are hoping to win the presidential election in November with theirs Commitment to abortion rights to score points with the female electorate.

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