Girl (1) disappears from her parents' home and is seen a few days later almost 1,000 kilometers away

In Eastern Europe there is a great search for Danka Ilić, a toddler of almost 2 years old. She disappeared from the Serbian city of Bor last week, but may have already been spotted in Austria.

Danka disappeared on Tuesday, March 26, from the garden of her parental home in Bansko Pole, near the eastern city of Bor in Serbia. Immediately after her disappearance, a major search operation was launched, with police, fire brigade and volunteers combing the area. Without result.

An investigation report was issued, stating that the girl has brown hair and brown eyes and is approximately 85 centimeters tall. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing purple pants, an olive-colored jacket and black sneakers.

A few days later, the police received an interesting tip. A Serb living in Vienna, Austria, may have seen the girl. On March 30, he saw a girl who looked very much like Danka together with two presumably Romanian women. The man took a video of the women with the child and provided that video to police services. It is not certain whether the girl in the video is actually the missing Serbian toddler, but the Austrian authorities are now involved in the search and have asked citizens to contact them if they see the Danka.

Meanwhile, Interpol is also involved in the girl’s disappearance. They have issued an arrest notice for Danka.

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