John Kirby: The US has nothing to do with the liquidation of Iranian generals in Damascus

National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby has denied U.S. involvement in the Damascus airstrike that killed two Iranian generals and five military advisers. He called Iran’s accusations against the United States “nonsense” and warned that Washington would respond to any retaliatory attacks.

“Let me be clear. We have nothing to do with the airstrike in Damascus. We were not involved,” Reuters quoted Kirby as saying at a briefing.

Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said at a briefing that Israel did not warn the United States in advance about the impending operation in Damascus. “The Israelis did not notify us of the impending strike or its intended target,” she said.

Reuters, citing two sources in Washington, wrote that before the strike, Israel told the United States that it was going to carry out an operation in Syria, but used very vague language for this and did not say anything about the purpose of the attack.

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