The trial of the poisoner from Ozalj: The court questioned her friends, one day she will take her mobile phone for expert examination

The trial continues Kristini Ferko (28) Accused that she tried to poison Denis Matijašić (42) with antifreeze planted in a drink two years ago, witness Karolina Boldin, Kristina’s former colleague, was questioned at the Karlovac County Court on Tuesday. She was questioned about the circumstance of Kristina’s fateful day.

Let us remind you, Kristina is charged with killing a 42-year-old man in Lović Prekriški in the evening of January 22 last year, after she obtained a liquid containing ethylene glycol, the main ingredient in antifreeze, secretly and without it, at the Petrol gas station in Karlovac. his knowledge put the liquid in Jane’s bottle containing the juice, and gave it to him to drink. After meeting Kristina, Denis fell ill that evening. He was transported to the hospital where he was treated for meningitis and kidney failure, and was in a serious and life-threatening health condition, which he survived by prompt medical intervention, undergoing hemodialysis and being connected to a respirator.

Namely, at earlier hearings, Kristina’s parents and sister equally stated that Kristina went to Karlovac for shopping on her fateful day after work from Žakanje and came home around 5 pm, after which she went to a nearby wine cellar to celebrate Vincekovo, returned home, had dinner and she went to work again and returned home at about 7 p.m. Witness Karolina stated that she did not remember the fateful day, but that it was common for company employees to return to work after the shift.

Kristina’s friend Mladen Puljiz also attended the hearing. He gave his statement at the last hearing and submitted an old mobile phone to the court, on which he corresponded with Kristina on the critical day.

– The received Huawei mobile phone was turned on with the help of a court expert, but it was determined that no SMS messages from the witness and the accused were found during the period and it was not possible to open messages in Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger applications. number – said Judge Leon Kovacic.

The Trial Chamber accepted the defense’s motion to conduct an expert examination of the mobile phone by an IT expert, while Witness Mladen agreed to provide his SIM card for this purpose. The injured party Denis told the president of the court council that he remembered the number from which Kristina sent him messages on the fateful day and handed it over to the court.

Recall, Denis said that after a fatal event and a long recovery in the hospital has permanent consequences, he must take medication, lose memory, experience nightmares and seizures, and sleep poorly. At the next hearing, witness Krunoslav Krunski will also be heard, who justified his absence from today’s hearing due to Covid’s illness.

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