Von Cramon: The elections in Serbia were neither free nor fair
MEP and rapporteur for Kosovo Viola von Cramon said today that the elections in Serbia were neither free nor fair, and that Serbia will face political and financial consequences if it does not impose sanctions on Russia.“After the boycott of 2020, the Serbian elections in 2022 showed a positive development, such as the large number of voters who wanted to participate. However, the elections were neither free nor fair,” she said in a written statement posted on Twitter.

As she stated, Serbia will again have a pluralistic and diverse parliament.
“Numerous problems were noted before and during the election day, which hindered the expression of free will and prevented a fair competition environment,” she said.

Direct pressure on voters working in public administration, misuse of media and state resources, physical attack on opposition leader Pavle Grbovic and election controllers of the coalition Moramo, as well as the withdrawal of the Republic Election Commission on election night, failure to publish preliminary results or turnout, indicate the impossibility of free and fair choice, she said.

She added that Albanians in the Presevo Valley were allegedly not allowed to vote because they were deleted from the voter list, which she assessed as unacceptable.

“With aspirations to join the European Union (EU), Serbia must adhere to its core values. The ruling SNS and re-elected President Aleksandar Vucic have been given a new mandate, and thus a duty to restore democracy and the rule of law and take reforms seriously.” European integration “, added the MEP.

Serbia urgently, she added, must join European sanctions on Russia over “Putin’s war in Ukraine” or face political and financial consequences.

“Therefore, it is high time for Serbia to make a clear pro-European choice if it wants to continue its EU accession path,” she concluded.

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