In the shadow of the Taliban’s progress: The United States began evacuating the U.S. embassy in Kabul this morning (Sunday), Reuters officials said. The largest cities in the country except the capital Kabul.

Among the forces involved in the evacuation of the embassy are about 3,000 American soldiers, including two battalions of the Marine Corps and an infantry battalion. Which could serve as a primary force for a rapid response in Kabul if necessary.

Britain and a number of other Western countries have also sent troops to the region, due to the fact that government resistance forces, operating against the Taliban, are gradually disintegrating. According to sources in Afghanistan, the most significant concern now is that the terrorist organization will attack the capital Kabul within a few days.

Yesterday, Taliban forces captured the city of Pol.a.Alam, which is only 70 kilometers from Kabul, according to a local council member. He said the fighters of the terrorist organization who arrived at the scene did not encounter much resistance. The occupation of the city takes place during a rather critical day in Afghanistan, as the possible attack on the city of Kabul is approaching, after the second and third largest cities in the country have been occupied.

Following the Taliban’s takeover of 18 of the country’s 34 provinces, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani addressed the people, saying: “I understand that you are concerned about the situation, and thinking about your future, I promise as President I will concentrate on ending the instability, violence and displacement of my people.” He further said he would find a way to help the thousands displaced from their homes in light of the fighting and claimed that “reorganizing the army forces is a top priority”.

At the same time, Qatar called on the Taliban to agree to a ceasefire. In an official statement from the Qatari Foreign Ministry, the country called on Taliban forces to stop and halt the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

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