The Serbian government’s health minister this evening (Tuesday) approved the start of the use of a third dose of the corona vaccine for immunosuppressants, health workers and anyone vaccinated at least six months ago. The country in the Balkans has recently faced an increase in corona morbidity with an average of over 900 verified cases. To date, about 50% of the country’s population of seven million people has been vaccinated in the country.

In doing so, Serbia joins Israel, which has already vaccinated more than a million people in the third dose; The UK, which has announced it will start vaccinating in its third dose next month and the US FDA has approved the provision of a third dose of Pfizer and Modern vaccines to vaccine-suppressed people.

During a live broadcast of the state state television, RTS TV, she said Darya Kishitz Tevachevich, A doctor and Minister of Labor in Serbia, that the health authorities will start giving the third dose of vaccines to the vaccine-suppressed starting Tuesday: “Citizens who received their injections at least six months ago may also apply for the third dose.” However, the Minister did not specify which vaccine would be used for the third dose.

Serbia currently uses vaccines from China, Sputinik V, Pfizer and Oxford University Extra. As far as the sea, 7,167 people died in Serbia as a result of being infected with the virus, while 732,044 people fell ill.

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