During a gathering of G7 representatives, the President of the United States tried Joe Biden, Cause his Democratic allies to declare a united front against China, as part of his efforts to fight against its intensification, according to senior US administration officials-

According to sources, Biden claims that the representatives of the countries that make up the organization have issued a unanimous public statement against the forced labor against the Uyghur minority and other ethnic minorities in China- The US president, according to the sources, hoped that at the end of the conference, the representatives of the countries would publicly condemn the matter, but it is possible that some of the European representatives are expected to object- The position of the organization’s representatives on the issue will probably be clarified tomorrow, at the end of the conference-

Joe Biden in his first speech to Congress, at the end of his first 100 days in office (Photo: Melina Mara / Pool via REUTERS)

Senior officials in the Biden administration saw this conference as an opportunity to get more allies to come out in public condemnation of forced labor in China, as part of a “human rights violation-” This is despite the fact that the announcement will not lead to sanctions against Beijing, but it is an attempt to convey a clear message to it, regarding human rights violations-

Also during the conference, representatives of the G7 organization revealed Global Economic Infrastructure Plan, Dubbed “Rebuilding the World,” calling for spending hundreds of millions of dollars in collaboration with the private sector, in an attempt to compete with the Chinese one, which launched a network of projects and maritime routes, some of which began to take root in the world, especially in Asia and Africa-

The conference, which began on Friday, was hosted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Cornwall County in the west of the country- This is the first convention of the powers since 2019, when the one planned for last year was canceled due to the spread of the corona around the world-

Boris Johnson at a G7 conference in the UK (Photo: Leon Neal / Pool via REUTERS)Boris Johnson at G7 conference in the UK (Photo: Leon Neal / Pool via REUTERS)

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