The death toll in the earthquake in Haiti rose to 1,297 and more than 5,700 people were injured, the Civil Protection Service announced a new earthquake balance.

Landslides were triggered in the earthquake, which made the rescue operation more difficult, and the Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henri, declared a state of emergency.

The situation could be made worse by the arrival of tropical storm Grace, which is expected to hit Haiti tonight.

The Hurricane Center said that Grace has lost its strength since yesterday, when it had a storm level, but that it can bring heavy rain, floods and landslides.

Hundreds of homes, schools, hotels and other buildings were destroyed in a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit Haiti.
The quake, whose epicenter was 12 kilometers northeast of St. Louis di Sid, almost leveled some cities and triggered landslides that disrupted rescue efforts in the poorest American state.

In the actions of rescuing the emergency services and the population, many were pulled out of the rubble, but many are still being searched for.

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