President of the United States Joe Biden He will deliver a statement to the media tonight (Monday) at 22:45 (Israel time) in which he will refer for the first time to the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the American army from it. Yesterday, the forces of the Sunni terrorist organization arrived in the capital Kabul. The President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, Fled the country. The Fox network reported that 7,000 American troops will be present in the country.

In the first post he posted on his Facebook page since his departure, the Afghan president claimed he did so to avoid bloodshed, in light of the Taliban takeover of the presidential palace and added that he did not want to endanger the lives of civilians. However, he did not provide further details regarding his whereabouts. Al Jazeera reported that the president along with his wife, his team commander and the national security adviser, had left for Uzbekistan.

At the same time, the Taliban have announced that they intend to take power in the country without a fight, while surrendering to the current administration. Meanwhile, many citizens did not wait for the official transfer of power into the hands of the extremist terrorist organization, which ruled the country in the 1990s at a high level, and had already begun to try and escape from it. Kabul’s airport was filled with people. Some climbed on U.S. military planes, which were busy evacuating United States forces from Afghanistan. Some of the civilians did not give up and even boarded the wings and engines of the planes in the middle of takeoff. About seven people were reportedly found dead that way.

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