Life without measures: We now live with the virus on our conscience

I walk into the store yesterday, I put a mask on my face. I go through the maze of shelves, and then I look around and realize that something is unusual. Only a few people have a mask. I laugh to myself. Oh, yes, I think they are no longer required. “That day has come, too,” I recall Minister BeroŇ°’s exclamation two days earlier. A scene goes through my head two years ago when the lockdown started and the first time I went to the grocery store – everyone with masks on their faces, gloves, doing slaloms between the shelves, avoiding each other like zombies. That’s how we looked, like it was an apocalypse. I remember getting nervous. And then it all became normal for us. We came to terms with those masks as well. When we left the house we used to forget our cell phone, but not the mask.

Habit is a miracle, I think so as I stand in the middle of the store with that mask on my face and as it slowly comes to my brain that we are finally back to our old life. The one before February 25, 2020. Slaughtered at this time texts from the field I wrote in the car. Bozinovic, Capak, Beros and Markotic also spoke twice a day. The cafes didn’t work. I would buy coffee at the gas station and type on the keyboard in the car. There were no cars on the roads, no trumpeting, no standing in line. There was silence for more than a month. I will never forget that sound of silence.

We experienced, unfortunately, huge tragedies, we lost almost 16,000 fellow citizens, family members, relatives, we were afraid of our patients, we could not say goodbye to them, a large number of people lost their jobs, but in those first few months we became closer. Everything stopped. We hung out with family, played with kids, pets. Nice to remember, but even nicer to leave behind. Freedom. We can go to discos, games, celebrate, go to weddings … Without thinking about how many people we are allowed to invite, whether Covid has certificates, whether we have forgotten the mask. Everyone now acts according to their conscience, they decide for themselves whether to put that mask in the crowd or to avoid the crowd. The abolition of measures, apart from the good situation, has, of course, to do with the tourist season. It is logical that the state treasury should be filled. But let’s not pay too much for that freedom.

By Editor

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