The US fears: Le Pen’s victory in the French election will lead to the dissolution of the alliance

While France goes into the first round of the presidential race today (Sunday), the West is already fearful of a possible victory for right-wing representative Marin Le Pen. The concern in the White House stems from the narrowing of the gap between incumbent President Emanuel Macron and his main rival Le Pen in the polls.

In the latest survey conducted by POLITICO, the gap between the two was only 3%. The 44-year-old Macron is still leading, and is even expected to reach the second round in a clear advantage position, when in the second round the number of candidates will be reduced to only two.

Following recent polls, White House officials have expressed concern about a possible victory for a right-wing representative, following her proximity to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which could affect Western struggle in Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. According to the sources, its victory could “undermine the stability of the coalition against Moscow, while separating France as a power in Europe and may even lead to the withdrawal of other countries from the alliance.”

It should be noted that although Le Pen has recently reduced her statements about Putin, in the past she has expressed support for the reasons Putin cited as a pretext for invading Ukraine and rejected some of the sanctions ideas the West sought to impose on the invading country.

According to the sources, the worst horror scenario is, as mentioned, a victory for Le Pen, which will then lead an anti-Western line in the war in Ukraine. In addition, they fear that its victory will lead to a change in the line shown by other countries against Russia.

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