EU foreign ministers will hold a meeting today (Tuesday) on the situation in Afghanistan. A spokesman for the European Union said the EU was working with member states to find quick solutions for their resettlement in the safe places of local Afghan workers and their families.

French President Emmanuel Macron convened a special session of the Security Cabinet yesterday, and was about to address the nation in the evening regarding the situation in Afghanistan. France operated its air force planes parked in Abu Dhabi to evacuate its citizens there. French Defense Minister Florence Perley said several dozen French citizens were still awaiting evacuation.

The German Air Force also sent rescue planes to Kabul. A German Foreign Ministry spokesman said 40 members of the embassy in Kabul had landed in Doha last night. Defense Secretary Angert Kramp Kernbauer canceled the meetings and events she had for the rest of the week, to address the operation to evacuate German citizens and their aides from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council has held a debate on what is happening in the country. UN Secretary.General Antonio Guterres has called on the Taliban to exercise maximum restraint to protect the lives of Afghans.

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