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The Saudi Arabian authorities have announced this Saturday that they will limit the pilgrimage to Mecca to citizens and residents of the country for the second consecutive year because of the coronavirus pandemic, while they have stressed that only 60,000 will be able to participate in it.

The Saudi Ministry of Pilgrimage has indicated that participants must not have chronic diseases and be between 18 and 65 years old, as well as be vaccinated against COVID.19, in line with the standards set by the health authorities of the Asian country.

Thus, he stressed that the decision has been adopted “in line with the constant intention of the Kingdom to allow the guests and visitors of the Great Mosque and the Mosque of the Prophet to perform the rituals of ‘haj’ and ‘umrah'”, as reported by the Saudi daily ‘Arab News’.

The pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the five pillars of Islam, will start in mid.July, although for the second consecutive year it will have limits to its participation due to the pandemic, which has left more than 463,000 cases and 7,500 deaths to date in the country.

The Saudi Ministry of Health indicated on Friday in its last balance sheet that in the previous 24 hours 1,175 cases and 18 deaths had been reported, bringing the total to 463,703 and 7,537, respectively, with 446,054 people recovered from COVID.19.

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