The Taliban, who have returned to power in Afghanistan, are preventing access to the airport in Kabul for Afghans who want to leave, the German government announced today.

“The Taliban have set up checkpoints around Kabul airport and control access,” the German defense ministry said in a report that the AFP agency had access to.

Foreign Minister Heiko Mas added at the press conference that “there is no guarantee” from the Taliban that Afghan local staff, ready to be evacuated by Berlin, will be allowed to pass, reports AFP.

A British officer in charge of the British evacuation of between 6,000 and 7,000 people also said that the Taliban controlled access to the airport and that they had to hold “pragmatic, tactical” low.level talks with the Taliban and that they showed understanding for now, reports AP.

It is not specified whether the Taliban also release Afghans who want to leave.

Britain wants to evacuate 4,000 British citizens and Afghan allies who have been helping them for the past 20 years.

British officials are urging people to come within reach of the airport when a flight is ready for them. When they get there, the Taliban should let them go to the airport complex, and inside, British officials will take over the necessary security checks. The British will take them to the runway where they are waiting for a flight back to Britain.

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