“Citizens accept this very much with understanding”: Shay Mandler, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, spoke about life in the country following the announcement by Prime Minister C‘Sinda Arden for imposing a closure following a diagnosis of one resident in the city as positive for Corona. Mandler explained that this was a patient First discovered in the community in the country in the last six months: “Until now there has been a completely normal routine life, shows, big sporting events and everything.“ New Zealand is entering a closure that is expected to last at least three days, starting tomorrow. Auckland and Coromandel, a coastal town where the infected man stayed, will be closed for seven days.

Mandler said citizens received the notice of closure with understanding, even though it came as a surprise and without prior notice. “The understanding on the part of the citizens stems from a very simple reason – until now we have had a normal routine life,” he said. The rest of the world, too. “

Shay Mandler A resident of Auckland, New Zealand | Photo: N12

“Once a language has decided on a policy of zero infection and eradication of the virus completely – then from the beginning of the epidemic adopt the same policy and the same strategy and the citizens support 100%.” Mandler said the possibility of sturdy tourists entering the country soon is low: “In the last week there has been a lot of talk about when New Zealand will open its borders, but the stuttering that came from the government has made it clear that they do not want to bring in anyone who might bring the virus with them. We are going to see the borders open in the near future. “

Doubtful Fiordland (Photo: Nitzan Englander)
Photo: Nitzan Englander

The last community infection case reported in New Zealand was in February. Citizens of New Zealand live without restrictions, although international borders remain closed, except in exceptional cases. The state reported about 2,500 corona cases and 26 deaths since the onset of the plague.

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