Gender diversity on travel documents: US passports with “X” as a gender option possible

Beginning this month, citizens of the United States will be able to select an “X” for a third gender option on their new passport application. This means that another milestone has been reached in “serving all citizens better, regardless of their gender identity,” said Foreign Minister Antony Blinken.

“Starting April 11, Americans will be able to choose an X as a gender identifier when applying for a passport.” The department is the first federal agency “to offer the X as a gender identifier on an identification document.”

Instead of an “M” for “male” (male) or “F” for “female” (female), people who do not identify themselves with either of these two genders can enter an “X”.

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The ministry had already announced the new regulation in the summer. Previously, Americans had to present a medical certificate if they wanted to state a gender different from their birth certificate in their passport. A first passport with option “X” had already been issued in October.

This makes the USA the 19th country in which a gender other than male or female can appear on a birth certificate or passport. In Germany, since 2019 there has been a “diverse” category in the passport for people who do not fit into the binary system.

Gender identity takes many forms: Not all people classify themselves in the binary categories of woman or man.

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