A senior Taliban official said today (Wednesday) that “Afghanistan will not be a democracy.” According to the same official, Afghanistan may be ruled by a council of senior members of the organization, headed by Haybatullah Ahundazadeh, who has headed the organization since 2016. The senior official, Waidallah Hashimi, added that the organization intends to turn to former Afghan pilots and soldiers to join the organization. –

According to the interview he gave to Reuters, the power structure in the country will be similar to the rule imposed by the Taliban between the years 2001.1996, in which he ruled the country. According to Shimi, “it is likely that Ahundazada will run things over whoever holds the post of head of the ruling council. Perhaps his deputy will fill the post of ‘president’.“

“Afghanistan will not be a democracy,” added the senior official, who said there were still many issues to be resolved on how the Taliban would run the country: “There will be no democratic system at all because it has no basis in our country. “It’s clear. It’s Sharia law and that’s it.” He said a Taliban leadership meeting would be held later this week to discuss government issues.

Regarding the recruitment of soldiers from the Afghan army, he said: “The Taliban is planning to establish a new national force that will include its members and government soldiers willing to join. Most have received training in Turkey, Germany and England, so we will talk to them to return to positions manned by the army. And we call on them to join us. “

Soldiers in the Afghan army (Photo: Reuters)

He said the Taliban urgently needed pilots because the organization had taken over many aircraft during the takeover of Afghanistan, even though it did not own any pilots. He further said that in the Taliban neighboring countries are expected to return planes and helicopters that have left the country in recent days.

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