During the orchard spraying season, bees should be protected from poisoning

On the occasion of the beginning of the season of spraying in orchards, which coincides with the beekeeping season, the City Administration of Prokuplje and beekeeping organizations appealed to farmers to properly use plant protection products to prevent bee poisoning.

“Plant protection products must be used in accordance with the declaration on each preparation, and most importantly, these products can be used before and after, and never during the flowering of fruits and long plants,” plant protection experts from the Beta agency told Agricultural professional services in Prokuplje.

According to them, farmers and fruit growers should pay special attention to the treatment of grass in orchards, which attracts bees during flowering, and emphasize that the grass should be maintained exclusively by mowing, and not by using pesticides.

They also remind of the importance of bees, which not only produce honey and other bee products, but are also very important as pollinators, so we have better yields, more oil in oilseeds and quality and uniform fruits, which affects farmers’ incomes.

“Thus, one bee community brings in up to 500 euros of profit and increases the yield of oilseed rape by up to 50 percent, of which beekeepers get about three percent in the form of bee products,” say agricultural experts.

They also urge to adhere to other protective measures, such as the use of sprayers with adequate nozzles, as well as to treat early in the morning and late in the evening when the bees are not active.

The problem in this area is the treatment of mosquitoes, especially from the air, when the law provides for the closure of bees, which can lead to their suffocation, so the solution to this problem is to abolish the treatment of mosquitoes from the air, but only from the ground.

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