The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Porphyry, said tonight in Doboj that peace is the path of the Serbian Orthodox people.

He also said that it was important that “Christ be in the heart and soul of every person, and that the most important thing is to educate children in the Orthodox faith.”

“We must educate children in the Orthodox faith and make it our most important task. Pray for your children, because the Gospel is our life,” said the Serbian patriarch after the evening liturgy (doxology), which was served in the Doboj Church of the Holy Apostles Patriarch and Paul. –

The Patriarch of Porphyry emphasized that “his heart was filled with joy because he came to Republika Srpska on the eve of the Transfiguration of the Lord.“

The Serbian patriarch reminded that he grew up together with the bishop of Zvornik.Tuzla, Fotije.

“We grew up together, educated and served, and in this area, which is more important, I feel spiritual roots, because all of me drew strength from the Orthodox faith,” said Porphyry.

Bishop Fotija thanked for the arrival of the Serbian Patriarch on the eve of one of the great Orthodox holidays.

“Your Holiness, you came to Doboj, where the first camp in modern Europe was formed, and that was in the First World War. There were 45,000 people in the camp, Serbs, 12,000 died, and a thousand of them. Unfortunately, that is has become a model for resolving national issues, “Fotije said.

According to him, the unity of the church and the state is necessary for the benefit of the Serbian people.

Porphyry is the first Serbian patriarch to visit Doboj after 83 years, and he is also the first official head of the Serbian Orthodox Church after his election to this position.

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