Today: Vučić’s answer to Djilas depends on the results of public opinion polls
The decision on whether new elections will be held in the city of Belgrade will be made by the President of the State and the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Aleksandar Vučić based on the results of public opinion polls, ie “feeling the pulse of voters” after a meeting with the President of the Freedom and Justice Party Dragan Djilas. to be completed by Friday.“Since Vučić was not satisfied with the results of the SNS, both at the republic level and especially in Belgrade, new public opinion polls began to be conducted on the second day after the elections,” Danas writes, citing a source close to the SNS.

As that source stated, “Vučić also waited until the results of the first polls were scheduled to schedule a meeting with Djilas,” Danas reports, and reminds that Vučić should respond to Djilas’ proposal to hold new Belgrade elections this week.

“Vučić now wants to see how his voters receive the meeting with Djilas, how the entire public opinion receives it, and how the opposition voters receive it. Based on that, he will make further decisions on the Belgrade elections,” a source told Danas.

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