British government plans minimum age in schools

The conservative government in Great Britain reportedly wants to introduce a minimum age for sex education in schools. This was reported by, among others BBC on Wednesday, citing government sources.

Accordingly, should Sex education In the future, it will only be permitted from the age of nine. Topics like trans identity should no longer be on the curriculum.

Die Times had reported, too sexual intercourse should no longer be discussed in schools before the age of 13. Secretary of State Chris Philp did not want to comment directly on the reports.

Sex education as an election issue in Great Britain

“But as a parent, I don’t want younger children in particular to be confronted with sexual content in the classroom too early,” said Philp in an interview with the station Times Radio on Wednesday. To Question of trans identity He said it was about “a controversial political idea that should not necessarily be taught as fact,” said the conservative politician, who is actually responsible for the police.

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