Several provinces in Canada are evacuating due to advancing forest fires

In several parts of Canada, cities and towns are threatened by approaching forest fires and thousands of people have to be evacuated. This is the case in the province of Alberta, in the southwest of the country, where authorities issued an evacuation order on Tuesday local time for four suburbs of the city of Fort McMurray as a result of an advancing fire that has now covered an area of ​​almost 290 square meters. kilometers.

According to the CBC broadcaster, long traffic jams formed on the roads heading south on Tuesday. More than 6,000 people have been affected. All told, there are currently 134 active fires in Canada, of which 42 are not yet under control, according to the forest fire agency CIFFC.

Fort McMurray, with a population of almost 68,000, was hit by one of the worst fires in the city’s history in 2016. About a tenth of the city went up in flames, although most of the city center was spared. However, this time the fire is not as unpredictable as it was eight years ago, fire chief Jody Butz told CBC. It is not yet known what caused the fire.

In the province of Manitoba, in eastern Canada, a fire near the city of Flin Flon has also spread to an area of ​​more than 300 square kilometers since last week, according to CBC. And in British Columbia, on the west coast, thousands of people had to flee as a precaution last weekend from a fire near the city of Fort Nelson and the indigenous territory of Fort Nelson First Nation.

In 2023, Canada was ravaged by forest fires of unprecedented proportions. In light of climate change, experts warn that such fires will become even more common and destructive in the future.

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