Bartulica: 'There is still a lot of work to be done on the coalition agreement, I don't expect a quick agreement…'

“In other countries, the coalition agreement, for example in Germany, has 177 pages, so there is still a lot of work to be done and I don’t expect that an agreement will be reached quickly, we will need a lot of time,” he said. said Bartulica at a press conference in Parliament.

He considers it impossible to increase the new government will be voted on Friday. “With the constitution of the Parliament, the period of 30 days starts, and I think we will have to wait a little longer with the coalition agreement”.

When asked by a journalist whether he would raise his hand for the government if they did not include what they were looking for in the coalition agreement, Bartulica said that he could not answer hypothetical questions. “I am a prudent politician, I do not rule out some possibilities, as always I will follow my conscience and vote that way. I am telling Plenković if he thinks he can so lightly reject what we are asking for. , it will not be so easy to play with me”, he said.

Regarding Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovi’s statement that there will be no investigation into the pandemic, he asserted that, if Plenkovi He wants a transparent Government and is not afraid of the truth, he does not see what is controversial.

Bartulica welcomed that Plenković said that gender ideology is not disputed in the HDZ, saying that he expects that accordingly his proposal to amend the Law on State Registries, which was not submitted to the procedure in the last convocation, will be submitted to the procedure in the next period.

He also welcomed the acceptance of the initiative to establish a museum for the victims of totalitarian regimes and expects that the negotiations with the HDZ will continue in the right direction.

“There is still a lot of content that needs to be defined, Plenkovi has a satisfactory form, we know who makes up the majority, and there is still a lot of work to be done on the content”, he added. He pointed out that the citizens expect to deliver what they said and that the position of the Homeland Movement regarding ideological issues is nothing new.

Bartulica also referred to some claims that he is an American spy. “Previously, the thesis that the Homeland Movement is an extended arm of Russia was put forward, and now it seems that the Americans are leading the way, as if they are waiting for instructions from the White House every morning on what to say,” he said.

It should also be noted that in one column he is called to return “where he came from”. “It’s a call to linč, the question arises if something happens to me or my family, who would be responsible, maybe in the end we need to seek the protection of the American embassy in Zagreb if Croats from America are not welcome here and their ideas,” he said.

No one is above public criticism, not even “Novosti”

Regarding the financing of the “Novosti” weekly, he claimed that there is a moral panic. “I believe that there are no sacred cows in liberal democracy, no one is above public criticism, not even Novosti, especially if they receive generous money from the budget,” he said.

He added that “Novosti” journalists, if they are worthy, have nothing to fear and may be the most popular newspaper on the market.

“Individuals from the HDZ negotiating team give contradictory statements, Anuša” he said that we talked about “Novosti”, Plenković if we are not, the boys should first come to an agreement before we can continue”, concluded Bartulica, stressing that it is important to maintain the dignity of the process and that citizens should transparently know what is going on.

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