Campaign in France targets men

The French traffic accident victim support organization wants to use a campaign that seems sexist at first glance Encourage men to be more considerate behind the wheel. “Drive a car like a woman” (Conduisez comme une femme) is written in large letters on the posters that have recently been hanging in the Paris metro, among other places, and each show a man behind the wheel.

In smaller text it says on the three different motifs, that 84 percent of fatal traffic accidents are caused by men, 88 percent of young drivers killed were men are and 93 percent of people involved in an accident under the influence of alcohol are also men. The advice on all the posters ends with: “Driving like a woman means only one thing, staying alive.”

“In traffic, hold up The misogynistic belief that men are better at driving than women is persistent“, explained the traffic accident victim support “Victimes & Citoyens”. However, a look at the numbers shows that this prejudice is not statistically proven.

“The numbers are clear: to stay alive in traffic, It’s best for men to drive the same way as women. Then the number of accidents and the number of victims would decrease.” The new campaign on social media and on large posters therefore has a pointed message: “Drive a car like a woman.”

The campaign was particularly popular with male users online skeptical echo. The numbers mean nothing if you don’t compare how many kilometers men and women each cover, said one user.

Victim Support cites data from vehicle owners With an average of 12,500 kilometers per year, they only cover slightly more distance than vehicle owners with 11,200 kilometers. Another pointed out that risk groups such as long-distance drivers, motorcyclists and frequent professional drivers are mostly men, which influences the numbers. (dpa)

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