Deputy President of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA) Borko Stefanovic said today that all those who do not want to come to power with the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) are welcome to form a joint front and a joint list with the SAA, “if they manage to win for election conditions “.

“We are now fully focused on the dialogue under the auspices of the European Union on electoral conditions. If we do not achieve any improvement in electoral conditions, that the elections at least slightly resemble democratically free elections, then it seems to me that there will be no more elections in Serbia.” the citizens, we appeal in a peaceful way, will decide on their own destiny “, said Stefanović.

In Knic, where he presented his party’s “Plan for the Day After”, he told reporters that citizens would choose between “the mafia, and the interests of citizens and the future of Serbia” in next year’s elections.

“That is why today we are here in the heart of Šumadija, a place where the worst, most incompetent, people with purchased diplomas run a beautiful municipality such as the municipality of Knić, not to mention Kragujevac and many other places in the area, where the worst people often rich, while people live in growing misery and destitution, “Stefanovic said.

According to him, one of the ways to stop that is “free and democratic elections that we will fight for”.

“In that situation, all people of good will, all those who do not doubt, and never want to come to power in any way with the Serbian Progressive Party, are welcome to make a common front and a common list, if we fight for election conditions,” he said. Stefanović.

He assessed that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, visits places in Serbia “trying to respond” to what the SAA is doing, with the difference that the President “tries to lie and deceive the citizens of Serbia” with his promises on those visits.

“Citizens of Serbia should know that it is their money, that he donates their money and that he wants to pay three, four and five times more than it costs on the market,” said Stefanović.

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