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Reutlingen – The word “complete idiot” appeared four times in his post, so it no longer mattered that the evil poem wasn’t written by him…

Ex-judge Werner Heinrich (79) was sentenced to a fine in the Reutlingen district court on Wednesday because he wrote insulting lyrics about the economics minister Robert Habeck (54) shared on Facebook.

In it, the Green politician was not only described as an idiot, but also compared to “dog poop”. He should “fuck off”.

Economics Minister Robert Habeck (54, Greens) filed a criminal complaint against the ex-judge

Photo: Georg Wendt/dpa

Why so much hate? The ex-judge: “Since the Greens have been in government, everything has gone down the drain.” He only took the ancient Greek term idiot literally, because translated it means “bumbling” or “incompetent”. That’s exactly what Mr. Habeck is.

Furthermore, his Facebook post should be viewed as free expression of opinion, said Heinrich. This right will also be among the Greens continuously cropped: “It’s a tragedy what’s going on politically here.”

Judge Werner Heinrich (then 65) on his last day at work on July 31, 2009

Photo: Michael Hahn

Public prosecutor Tobias Freudenberger (45) saw it differently: “The limit to malicious contempt has been crossed.” The defendant’s Facebook post is likely to make the minister’s public work considerably more difficult. This means that the offense of “insult directed against people in political life” (Section 188 of the Criminal Code) is fulfilled.

Huge fine for ex-judge

The court followed the prosecutor and sentenced Habeck’s bitter opponent to a fine of 7,800 euros (60 daily rates). Judge Selina Domhan: “In the battle of political opinions, you are not allowed to express everything. It was just about creating an emotional mood with insults and foul language against the minister.”

A second post was also taken into account in the judgment Facebookin which foreigners are equated with “scum.”

However, the ex-judge vehemently denies its authorship. He now wants to appeal.

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