Hezbollah announces the targeting of two Israeli sites in response to the assassination of one of its leaders

On Wednesday, Lebanese Hezbollah confirmed that it had targeted two military bases in northern Israel “in response” to what it described as the assassination of one of its members in southern Lebanon.

In two separate statements, Hezbollah said that it targeted a command headquarters in the Pranit barracks with heavy Burkan missiles, and the headquarters of the air control unit at the Meron base with dozens of Katyusha rockets, heavy rockets, and artillery shells.

On Tuesday night, according to what the official National News Agency in Lebanon reported, an Israeli drone targeted a car in the city of Tyre, in southern Lebanon. She said that the strike led to the death of two people, whom she did not identify.

Hezbollah mourned in a statement Hussein Ibrahim Makki (55 years old). A source close to the party said that Makki was a “field commander for the party.”

On Wednesday morning, the Israeli army confirmed that it had carried out the strike that neutralized Makki, describing him as a “prominent field commander in Hezbollah,” who was responsible for planning and implementing many attacks since the start of the current war.

The Israeli army said that Makki previously served as “commander of Hezbollah forces in the coastal region” and was responsible for several attacks against Israel.

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