The International Health Organization: “The Israeli government is abandoning us again”
The changes to the international health regulations agreement that were put to a vote on May 27 at the World Health Organization conference in Geneva raise great concern about the unprecedented powers that will be given to the organization, after the Israeli government did not submit its response to the planned changes as requested.Those who oppose the changes, including lawyers, scientists and doctors, warn of disaster. Attorney Alfred Schwartz, an expert in public international law and state responsibility and human rights: “The regulations also concern the requirement for efforts to bring about a ceasefire in a place where war is being waged.”

Dr. Daniel Sofer, senior cardiologist and catheterist in the USA: “This organization is an agency subordinate to the anti-Semitic UN organization, which in these agreements will oblige the countries to an administrative abduction at the expense of the sovereignty of all its member countries and will turn from an advisory organization into a legislative organization.” Heidi Moses, lobbyist A society that took it upon itself to lead the struggle: “The government continues to neglect its citizens.”

49 Republican senators sent a public letter to President John Biden in which they express their strong opposition to the changes in the regulations of the World Health Organization that will be voted on at the organization’s conference at the end of May 24. The senators warn that the planned changes to the regulations threaten US sovereignty and constitutional rights, and according to them any international agreement that improves the authority of the World Health Organization should be treated as a treaty that requires a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate for approval.

Following the senators’ letter, Prof. Yaron Zelicha tweeted on his Twitter: “Even in the US there are more sane than us. ready? 49 Senators (!!) Maybe it’s time for the MKs in Israel, especially from the right, to give some thought to the loss of our sovereignty instead of automatically aligning with the Ministry of Health officials?”

Over 55,000 Israeli citizens have already signed a petition against changes to the regulations, while the fight in Israel and the promotion of the issue in the Knesset is led by Heidi Moses, a social lobbyist who took it upon herself to lead the opposition to the dangerous regulations.

According to Mozes, the changes in the regulations of the International Health Organization which are planned to be voted on at the end of the month, have fateful consequences not only in the fields of health but also in the fields of security, economy, budgets, regulations and the delegation of state powers to the World Health Organization which will be above the Knesset and the government.

In addition, according to her, the organization also wants to establish an authority in every country. “The government is abandoning its citizens again, and endangering the sovereignty of the state and the rights of its citizens,” Moses warns. “If the regulations are approved, it will be a disaster. The World Health Organization will actually be able to manage our country in emergency situations, including making fateful decisions such as a decision on a ceasefire.”

Partners in the fight are lawyers, medical professionals and social activists who warn against the dangerous changes of the World Health Organization, including attorney Alfred Schwartz, who specializes in public international law, an expert in state responsibility and human rights, Dr. Daniel Sofer, a cardiologist, a senior catheterist who lives in the USA, the lawyer Irit Yankovitz, Ella Neve, a biologist and epidemiologist (MPH), Nega Arbel is a researcher of political strategy and public policy and a former senior evaluator at the Center for Political Research of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, former director of international policy research at the Information and Knowledge Center for Corona Research of the Ministry of Health and more .

10 MKs appealed to the Minister of Health with the demand to prevent the expected changes in the regulations of the World Health Organization, among them: Ariel Kellner, Sasson Guetta, Ohad Tal, Tali Gottlieb, Michal Waldiger, Moshe Solomon, Tsega Malko, Limor Son Har Melech, Osher Shekalim and Dan Iloz The title of the letter they sent stated: “Panic! A change in global health regulations that may directly affect the sovereignty of the State of Israel.” A copy of the letter was also sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Israel Katz.

According to Attorney Alfred Schwartz, in the planned changes to the regulations, the World Health Organization is also interested in having the right to determine the principles according to which countries will maintain their unique culture. for a ceasefire in a place where war is going on,” explains Attorney Schwartz.

Dr. Daniel Sofer claims that beyond the denial of sovereignty, this is an unprecedented step to deny basic human rights and completely neutralize the relationship between doctor and patient, in complete violation of the medical code of ethics. in it and turn it from an advisory organization into a legislative organization,” warns Dr. Sofer. Ella Neve adds: “How can we ensure that the system of considerations that will be applied is a factual system? Without foreign commercial, racist, anti-Semitic considerations?”.

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