50th day of invasion of Ukraine: Russian destroyer sunk in Black Sea


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zlansky praised the courage of Ukrainian citizens, in a special speech, as the country entered the 50th day of the Russian invasion. Zalansky called the invasion “absurd” and “suicidal.” He added: “We have stood for 50 days already. Fifty days of Russian invasion, even though the occupiers gave us a maximum of five.”

In his speech, Zalansky reiterated the demand for Europe to withdraw from Russian gas imports, which will allow more money to flow into the war machine in Moscow. Zalansky also again sought assistance in arms shipments so that Ukraine could continue to repel Russian attacks.

The Russian destroyer Moscow was sunk in the Black Sea, near southern Ukraine, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. In Ukraine it is claimed that the ship was hit by the launches of the Neptune-guided missile, which Ukraine developed independently. Russia continues to deny that fire on board and “stormy sea conditions” while the ship was towed to port are the reasons for the sinking of the destroyer. The Russian navy has only 3 destroyers of the Moscow type, on each of which there are almost 500 crew and sailors, so the loss of Moscow is a severe blow to the Russian navy.

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has documented 6,673 war crimes committed by Russian soldiers, all of whom are under investigation, according to an official statement from the ministry. They added in the announcement that as of now, 198 children have been killed in the war. 4

Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said Moscow would take security and defense measures to see fit for Russia if Sweden and Finland did join the NATO alliance. The military situation will “lead” to very undesirable results.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has officially called on the United Nations to demand the return of Ukrainian children allegedly abducted by Russians and deported to Russia.

In the eurozone, France plans to return its embassy to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The French embassy was moved to the southern city of Bivu in March, with the invasion of the country by Russian forces. President Zalansky urged the leaders of the friendly countries with Ukraine to return to normal diplomatic activity.

French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged to transport 24 fire trucks and ambulances, and 50 tonnes of emergency equipment to Ukraine this coming weekend.

On the humanitarian front, Irina Verchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, announced this morning that 9 humanitarian corridors will be opened in Ukraine today.

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