President of the United States, Joe Biden, Tonight (Friday) made a statement to the media regarding American aid in Afghanistan. He made it clear that despite the assistance to Afghan citizens, the United States would complete its withdrawal from the country. “The operation will continue in the coming days until the end of the withdrawal. This is a dangerous mission for our soldiers who are risking their lives. It is time to end this war.”

Biden said that since last week, 13,000 Afghan civilians had been evacuated from the country violently occupied by the Taliban. “Everything is being done to safely evacuate our allies,” he said, clarifying: “This mission is dangerous, can not guarantee its results, but we will end with this war.“

Asked if he had received backing from the world for the withdrawal, the president replied that he had previously clarified his intentions to NATO and the G7, saying: “They agreed with my position to end our involvement in Afghanistan.”

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