The flagship went to the seabed with a huge amount of armaments, recent history and the glory of the navy: the destruction of Moscow is a major victory for Ukraine

This is the largest single defeat of the Russian navy since World War II.

Russian Ministry of Defense announced this morning on Good Friday that the Black Sea Fleet’s flagship, a missile cruiser, Moscow had sunk in a tug on his way to the Sevastopol naval base in Crimea. The ministry said the ship had been damaged in an explosion at a munitions depot and sank in rough seas.

According to Ukrainian data, the 186-meter cruiser Moscow was fatally damaged as early as Wednesday night when the ship was 60-65 nautical miles, or 110-120 kilometers from the coast off Odessa. Chief of the Odessa Military Administration Maxim Martenko Moscow hits two Ukrainian Neptune anti-naval missiles, Ukrainian news site says says.

Neptune is a version of the Soviet cruise missile developed by Ukraine. It was introduced last year and has a range of about 300 kilometers. According to Ukrainian data, the missiles transported on the mobile pallets would have been launched off the coast from somewhere between the cities of Odessa and Mykolaiv.

The sunken warship had a crew of more than 500. Turkish ship rescues 54 Moscow crew members on Friday morning, news agency reports Anadolu. There was no information about the fate of the others during the day on Friday.

Launched in 1979, Moscow has been involved in many things.

The flagship the sinking is a great symbolic defeat for Russia. This may explain why the Russian Ministry of Defense does not mention the Ukrainian missile strike at all when it comes to the cruise ship’s ammunition exploding. The ministry mentioned the “bad weather conditions” when describing the sinking. However, the wind was less than ten meters per second.

This is the largest single defeat of the Russian navy since World War II.

“The sinking of the Black Sea Fleet’s flagship, Moscow, is not only a significant loss, it is symbolic of Russia’s entire chaotic military operation,” said program director of the Center for Naval Analyzes, a Washington-funded public research institute. Michael Kofman reviews the British newspaper The Guardianille.

In Launched in 1979, Moscow has been involved in many things. It protected the landing of Russian troops in Georgia in the 2008 war and was reportedly hit by a missile fired by Georgia’s defense at the time. After the so-called five-day war at the time, Moscow was in a dry dock for two years.

Moscow was involved in the operation in Syria launched by Russia in autumn 2015. After that, the cruiser began years of refurbishment work, which was completed in the summer of 2020. The vessel was to be in service until 2040.

At the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Moscow became known for its conquest of Snake Island, during which it commanded the Ukrainian defenders of the island to surrender. The Coast Guard’s smelly response spread into a global meme and ended up on, among other things, a Ukrainian stamp.

On the stamp, a Ukrainian soldier shows a finger stamp to a Russian ship in Moscow.

Crusader with which Russia lost a significant amount of armaments unless something was saved. Moscow had 16 launches for P-1000 anti-aircraft missiles with a range of less than 500 kilometers. The ship had an S-300 anti-aircraft system and plenty of short-range Sub-missiles.

The Ukrainian fleet has not been a challenge for the Russian Black Sea Fleet. So far, in addition to missile strikes, Russia has used its navy mainly for landing operations, at least in Berdyansk, when troops attacking southern Ukraine have been brought into the fighting from Crimea.

Landing craft has been protected by frigates and corvettes, which in turn have been protected by the flagship Moscow. Losing it could further reduce Russia’s desire to land, for example in Odessa.

Russian the armed forces have certainly known Ukraine’s Neptune missile capacity, but the flagship nonetheless floated quite close to the coast on Wednesday night. The ship has probably relied on its own defense systems and Ukraine’s hit accuracy is underestimated.

Ukraine is known to have US radar systems. However, according to Ukrainian data, the Turkish Bayraktar aircraft would once again have been decisive in the sinking of Moscow.

According to this information, the Ukrainian coast defense would not only have located Moscow with the help of planes, but would also have used armed planes to destroy Moscow’s radar systems.

Moscow completed the Soviet-era Mykolaiv shipyard in Ukraine. It is very possible that the ship’s drawings are in the use of the Ukrainian armed forces.


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