Russia does not say the reason for the sinking of the cruiser Moscow and the number of victims – BBC says victims of the attack held a memorial service in Sevastopol on Friday

Russia’s accelerated missile strikes on Ukrainian cities in two days could predict major fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Russian missile strikes on Kiev and other Ukrainian cities have intensified over the past two days. They could mark preparations for a major attack in Russia’s Donbass region.

The first major strike on Kiev came on Friday when the Russian navy fired missiles at buildings at the Vizar weapons factory in the Zhuljany district southwest of Kiev near Sigorsky Airport. According to an eyewitness interviewed by the news agency AFP, a total of five missiles hit the factory.

Vizar has manufactured Ukrainian Neptune missiles that, according to U.S.-confirmed information, damaged the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s flagship in Moscow on Wednesday night. The ship sank on Friday morning while trying to tow it to a naval base in Sevastopol on the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula.

British Naval News According to satellite-based coordinates released by the site on Friday, Moscow was east of Odessa off the coast of Odessa at the time of the attack, about 80 nautical miles, or 150 kilometers from the coast.

Russia has said Moscow’s sunken fire detonated the ship’s own ammunition depots. Russia has not admitted that Ukraine hit the flagship, but the attack on the Vizar missile plant can be considered a revenge and thus an indirect disclosure.

According to Western data, the Moscow cruiser had a crew of 510 at the time of the attack. News agency Tass said on Friday “all crew members” arrived in Sevastopol on Thursday. Like a Russian newspaper Kommersant pointed out the news did not tell whether the crew came to the home port alive or dead.

British Broadcasting Corporation BBC: n according to Russian-language news, a memorial service was held for the victims of the Moscow attack in Sevastopol on Friday. In a photo published by the news agency Reuters, the wreath counted on the monument reads “ship and sailors”. The Turkish ship is said to have rescued 54 Moscow crew members on Wednesday night.

A Black Sea Fleet Veterans event was held in Sevastopol on Friday to lay a wreath in memory of the sunken Moscow ship.


Black Sea Fleet veteran Sergei Gorbachev and an Orthodox priest attended a memorial service on Friday.


Black Sea Fleet veteran Sergei Gorbachev and an Orthodox priest attended a memorial service on Friday.

Same Vizar’s missile plant in Kiev seems to have been the prelude to a wider series of missile strikes across Ukraine.

Russia struck missiles on the southeastern outskirts of Kiev in the Darnytsky suburbs on Saturday morning, according to AFP news agency. According to the Russian armed forces, the target was an arms and tank factory located in the area, according to the news agency Reuters.

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitshko said several people were injured in the missile strike, the news agency said Interfax Ukraine. More detailed information on the devastation was not immediately available.

According to a review by the Ukrainian General Staff on Saturday morning, the Black Sea Fleet struck several targets across Ukraine with Kalibr missiles during the previous day. According to the staff, the target is specifically the arms industry and waterways.

Telegram channel Ukraine Now reported on Saturday daytime air alarm sirens sounding in several cities.


Russian soldiers patrolled the ruined theater building in Mariupol on Tuesday.


Russian soldiers patrolled the ruined theater building in Mariupol on Tuesday.

Russia has at the same time continued to concentrate its forces on the battlefields of eastern Ukraine. According to the General Staff of Ukraine, 22 new battalion combat units have been brought to the city of Izjum, which was previously occupied by Russia, which would mean an estimated number of about ten thousand fighters.

Adviser to the Mayor of the besieged city of Mariupol Petro Andryushenko in turn, told Ukraine Now that Russia is preparing to take over Mariupol completely next Monday.

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