“Unless urgent action is taken, more than four million people across Lebanon – in the vast majority of children and families at risk – could face a critical water shortage or be completely cut off from a safe water supply,” UNICEF, the United Nations’ international emergency fund, warned today. for children.

“Last month, the fund warned that more than 71 percent of Lebanon’s population could lose access to summer water resources. Since then, the dangerous situation has continued, under a huge burden on basic service sources such as water, sanitation, electricity and health. “Access to safe water sources due to lack of electricity, which put many people’s lives at risk,” she added.

In its statement, it clarified that “if four million people are forced to turn to unsafe water sources, public health will be harmed, and Lebanon could see an increase in water.borne diseases, along with an increase in coronary heart disease.”

UNICEF called for “urgent restoration of electricity supply”. This is the only solution for the continued proper supply of water services in the country. The need for this is enormous, and the formation of a new government is critical to tackling the current crisis. And basic services. “

Lebanon protest (Photo: Reuters)

As you may recall, Lebanon is in a particularly severe crisis economically and socially. The National Electric Company, which depends on imported fuel, provides a few hours of electricity a day to homes and businesses, and nearly 80% of the country’s population now lives in poverty, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has announced.

The Lebanese currency is also in constant decline, and is now selling at 20,000 Lebanese pounds to the dollar on the black market, while the official rate is set at 1,500 pounds to the dollar. The price of a liter of fuel has risen by more than 220% in the past year, which has led to a thriving black market under the conditions.

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz said earlier this month that “the disintegration of Lebanon is a tragedy. The State of Israel is calling on the world to help and is ready to help itself, but we will not allow the Lebanese tragedy to cross the border into Israel.“

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