Biden finished his speech – and shook hands with an invisible man

Another embarrassing incident for US President Joe Biden, after a documentary released over the weekend was documented at the end of a lengthy speech at the University of North Carolina, turns with an outstretched hand in a handshake – but no one was there. The record drew much criticism of President Hermit Dillon, a former vice president of the California Republican Party, who said: “It’s really weird, unless they want him to look like a dementia patient.”

In another incident, Biden claimed during a speech at the University of Pennsylvania that he served there as a full professor even though he never taught there. Earlier this month, Biden mistakenly called Michelle Obama, the wife of former President Barack Obama, “the former U.S. vice president.”

Speaking at a ceremony on the USS Delaware battleship, Biden said: “I am proud of my wife for the work she is doing as president’s wife, a job that began while Michelle Obama was vice president.” “I am proud of my wife’s work today. She started this work with Michelle Obama during the time I was Vice President,” the video correction, in a transcript provided by the White House to reporters.

As you may recall, during Prime Minister Bennett’s meeting with the President of the United States, documentation was published in which Biden was seen taking a nap during the Prime Minister’s remarks. Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu at the time referred to the incident and said: “I heard that Biden was very attentive at this meeting.”

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