The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world is being built on the Czech mountain

A record-long suspension bridge is set to open in the north-east of the Czech Republic in May, giving mountaineers a shortcut through the clouds with stunning views between the peaks of the Kralicky Snežnik mountain.

According to Czech tourism officials, the Skybridge 721 will be the longest suspension bridge in the world, stretching 721 meters between two mountain ridges.

It is located near the resort of Dolní Morava and bridges the valley of the Mlynicka valley at a height of 95 meters.

The grand opening of the bridge is scheduled for May 9.

The bridge was built near the Skywalk lookout, a 55-meter-high platform from which a 100-meter slide can be lowered.

The Dolní Morava winter sports and hiking resort is located about 200 kilometers east of Prague, near the Polish border.

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