Ukraine has begun joining the Union;  6 killed in a missile attack on Leviv


Leviv’s mayor, Andrei Sadovy, provided further details about the missile hitting the city. He said one of the rockets hit a garage in the city. Six people were killed, and 11 people were injured including one child. Sadovy noted that the shock wave from the crash shattered the windows of a nearby hotel, where Ukrainians evacuated from other areas lived.


Leviv district governor Maxim Kozicki said six people were killed and eight wounded in the missile attack on the city. Reuters reported that the governor said three missiles hit military establishments, and one missile hit a car tire replacement facility.

The Russian news agency “Tass” reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Russian forces had hit 315 Ukrainian targets during the night. According to them, the Russian army destroyed four weapons depots and military equipment in Ukraine during the night.


Ukrainian MP Lesia and Silenko tweeted that the Russians were aiming to hit warehouses and the train station in Lilav.


Five missiles were fired this morning in Lviv. In the city you can see smoke rising from a number of targets.

FOX reporter James Levinson noted that “black smoke was seen from train station 4, reported missile strikes at Lvov train station, no casualties or damage has been reported yet. Can hear sirens [שמזהירות] Air strikes and an ambulance in the background. ”


Ukraine has completed the questionnaire that marks the beginning of the process of joining the European Union. “Today, I can say that the document was completed by the Ukrainian side,” Ihor Zubkawa, deputy head of President Vladimir Zalansky’s office, told the Ukrainian public broadcaster last night. The European Commission will have to issue a recommendation on Ukraine’s compliance with the necessary criteria for membership, he added. “We expect the recommendation to be positive, and then the ball will be on the side of EU membership.”

Jubkawa added that Ukraine expects to receive the status of a candidate country for accession to the Union in June during a planned meeting of the European Council. “Next time, we will have to start accession talks. And once we have those talks, we will already be able to talk about Ukraine’s full membership in the EU,” Jubkawa said.


“The city has not yet fallen,” said Dennis Shmihel, Ukraine’s prime minister, hours after the Russian ultimatum to surrender took effect. “Our soldiers are still in the city and they will fight until the last minute.” Said Shimel told ABC News.

The fighting in Mariupol continues – the Ukrainian soldiers are not ready to stop fighting. This, after the Russian ultimatum for the surrender of the Ukrainian soldiers who remained there expired. This is according to the Guardian’s reports.


Ruined residential building in the city of Mariupol / Photo: Associated Press, Alexei Alexandrov

While Moscow is approaching full control of the city, the conquest of Mariupol will be its biggest prize since the invasion of Ukraine.

The incessant shelling and street battles left the streets of the city devastated. News agencies see Mariupol residents leaving their homes, some for errands, some to walk the dog and some to stretch their legs as they are forced to wander among the remains of smashed buildings and bodies.

According to Ukrainian estimates, about 21,000 people were killed during the fighting.

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