Around 25 hours from Berlin: Flixbus drives back to Kyiv – Berlin

Flixbus, a German long-distance bus company, is once again making excursions to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. “Our primary focus is the safety of our passengers and drivers,” regional manager Michal Lehmann said on Friday.

“We’ve been waiting for the proper opportunity to reopen some of our lines, particularly to Kiev.” On Monday, Warsaw-Kyiv and Prague-Kyiv connections will be restored.

The journey from Berlin takes just over 25 hours, measured from the starting point at S├╝dkreuz train station. Boarding is also available at ZOB and BER, the city’s main bus station. The link involves a stop in Warsaw before continuing on to Kiev, Ukraine’s capital. A second route, which includes a stop in Katowice, can take up to 27 hours. The promotion is valid on a daily basis.

On April 28, a new route connecting Budapest and Kyiv will begin service. The company also declared that “as soon as the situation stabilizes,” it will “continue to develop its network.”

Flixbus has severed ties with Kyiv at the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The connection to Lviv in the west of the country, on the other hand, remained operational. The number of persons entering Ukraine is now increasing again, according to the firm. The number of persons fleeing the country is still double that of the previous year.

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