The charge d’affaires of the Serbian embassy in India, which is also in charge of Afghanistan, Siniša Pavić, said today that “there are indications” that there are still people of Serbian nationality left in Afghanistan.

Pavić also told RTS that the authorities from Serbia will continue to monitor the situation in Afghanistan because of that.

“There are indications that there are another number of people of our nationality who are still in Afghanistan, and we must keep in mind that some of them are passport holders of some other countries or the UN.” he said.

According to him, in these situations, the passport gives legitimacy to a certain country to get involved in the whole process.

“In any case, we will continue to monitor the situation and remain absolutely ready for all possible further cases,” Pavic said.

He confirmed that Serbian citizen Milka Damjanović from Kabul was successfully evacuated to Kazakhstan. He emphasized that Kazakhstan should be added to the “long list” of those to whom Serbia is grateful for the help.

Earlier, two Serbian citizens were evacuated from Afghanistan.

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