Custody in prison for Patrick Zaki was extended for another 45 days. This was announced by a lawyer of the Egyptian student of the University of Bologna, Hoda Nasrallah. “Forty-five days, it’s official,” the lawyer wrote in messages, hinting that, before the prosecutor’s office closed, she managed to get the notification of the outcome of the hearing held on 22 August from the clerks. Day in which «there was no interrogation, but only a renewal of detention. The last interrogation took place on 13 July, which was the first since his arrest in February 2020, but he has not been interrogated since then “. These are the words of Lobna Darwish, a representative of Eipr, the NGO for the defense of human and civil rights for which the Egyptian student of the University of Bologna was a researcher in pre-trial detention in Egypt for over a year and a half. “We still do not know what that interrogation was aimed at, but we fear it was a way to prolong, even more, his detention and his suffering”, Darwish merely added, commenting on information about “investigations” that were the subject of the hearing held. in those hours.

Amnesty International also intervenes on the subject. “I renew the request to the Italian government to express condemnation for the serious fury against Patrick and to use these other 45 days to finally put all the necessary pressure”, said Riccardo Noury, spokesman for Amnesty International Italy. «What has been done so far – he adds – sending observers to the hearings, who are not even allowed in, is useless. The parliamentarians who voted in the House and the Senate for Patrick’s Italian citizenship are pressing the Draghi government, since it is the government they support that acts ».


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