French President Emmanuel Macron met today (Saturday) with US President Joe Biden as part of the G7 Summit – The Forum of the Seven Industrialized States. –

“The United States has returned to itself as a partner in leading the free world,” Macron told Leiden as they sat on the beach.overlooking terrace. “Biden demonstrates that leadership is a partnership.”

“Like I said before, we’re back,” Biden said. “Things are going well, I think, and as we say in the United States, ‘we are on the same page.‘”

Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron at G7 Conference (Photo: Reuters)
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Biden added that the United States felt well about the cohesion of NATO’s military alliance and expressed support for the European Union – which has been the subject of much criticism by former President Donald Trump.

“I think the EU is an incredibly strong and vibrant entity, largely responsible for Western Europe’s ability to deal with its economic problems and even provide the backbone and support for NATO,” he said.

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