Pig baptism in the wildlife park: Wild boar “Putin” is now called “Eberhofer”

In an Upper Franconian game park, a wild boar was baptized with the name “Eberhofer” – and therefore no longer officially bears the name “Putin”. The park embodies a “feel good image,” said the operator of the Waldhaus Mehlmeisel wildlife park, Eckard Mickisch, on Tuesday. “And that was defiled by that name.

The Russian-born boar was named after the Russian President years ago. After the invasion of Ukraine, the operators decided to change the name – according to Mickisch, also out of respect for Ukrainian refugees, who would have free entry.

The name “Eberhofer” got the most votes in an online vote and prevailed against “Gustl”, among others. Before that, “Selenskyj” or “Klitschko” had actually emerged as favorites. But the names were out of the question: he no longer wanted to politicize, said operator Mickisch.

The “Eberhofer” suggestion came from the operators of the entertainment program “Ringlstetter” on Bavarian radio. There one had become aware of the pig renaming. The name is an allusion to the “Eberhofer crime novels” written by Rita Falk and partly filmed, in which an investigator of this name is the focus.

Baptized with Maggi water

The cabaret artist Hannes Ringlstetter took over the baptism on Tuesday. The “Eberhofer” proposal was made in his entertainment program on Bavarian Radio. The boar was “baptized” with water containing Maggi – according to the wildlife park operator, the pig likes the smell of the spice.

The animal, weighing 200 kilograms, had come to the Upper Franconian park as a freshman. Because the boar was of Russian origin, he called him Putin “with a smile,” said Mickisch. In the meantime it has turned out “that no sow deserves such a name”. Shortly after the Russian attack on Ukraine, he decided to change the name, temporarily calling the animal “Nobody”.

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