Residents and authorities in central Tennessee are trying to begin rehabilitating the rubble and slow recovery after the sudden floods that left at least 22 dead and huge damage over the past weekend.

More than 380mm of rain fell in central Tennessee over Saturday, breaking decades of records, resulting in rivers and creek channels filling up quickly and floodwaters displacing everything that happened in their path. Goat.

According to authorities, at least 22 people were killed and more than twenty are still defined as missing. Among the victims are a pair of little twins who were swept away by their father’s hands and one of the horse caretakers on the farm of renowned country singer, Loretta Lynn. Large rescue forces pass through the damaged houses, most of them in the province of Paris, searching for survivors and victims. President Joe Biden also offered to provide federal aid.

The town of Weaverley has been hit the hardest and the smoke and wet remains can still be smelled in it, even after the water level has started to drop. “It’s unbelievable, it’s a war zone,” said Karen Pierre in pain, whose home and the homes of other family members were swept away by the flood.

Meanwhile, tropical storm Henry weakened significantly after hitting Rhode Island last night and continuing north. Despite this, it continued to bring down large amounts of rain today in the southern part of the New England area and widespread flood warnings were issued, including in New York City.

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