The husband of the missing Ana K. transferred her body in a suitcase to Serbia?  Investigators are looking into the grisly suspicions

Serbian citizen David Knežević,husband Ane Knežević (40), who disappeared on February 2 in the Madrid neighborhood of Salamanca, was arrested in May on suspicion of being connected to the disappearance of his ex-wife. Knežević Blic writes, he rented a Peugeot 308 car in Belgrade and set off for the Spanish capital, Madrid, on June 30. He returned to Belgrade on February 5th, and returned the car he rented to the agency on February 15th. The owner of the rent-a-car agency told the police that Knežević returned the car with tinted windows, changed license plate frames and without the two stickers that were on it.

They suspect that he brought the body to Serbia in a suitcase

The Spanish and Serbian police are working on the reconstruction of his complete movements in Serbia during that period. It is known that Knežević entered Serbia via the Bajakovo-Batrovci border crossing in the northwest of the country. Investigators are examining the surveillance cameras on the highways he used to pass, especially those in Serbia, and police officers are looking at the places in Belgrade where he liked to visit.

Representatives of the General Commissariat of the Judicial Police also arrived in Serbia, with the aim of determining what Knežević worked after a six-day trip by car. Agents of the well-known Group 12 of the Spanish National Police, specialized in the search for missing persons, want to determine if there was a possibility that Knežević returned to Serbia with a large suitcase in which, there is a suspicion, he placed the body of his wife.

They are searching apartments, questioning people associated with him

Chief Public Prosecutor of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, Nenad Stefanovicćconfirmed cooperation with the National Police of Spain and the FBI in the case of Ana Knežević.

– The Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States of America suspects that David Knežević committed the crime of murder of a US citizen abroad and the crime of kidnapping. Spanish investigators suspect that he committed the crime of murder. The Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia are collecting evidence that could shed light on the case of Ana Knezcaronevi. – the chief public prosecutor of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade told Blic Unexpectedly Stefanović.

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In Belgrade, they searched various premises associated with Kne&zcaronević and questioned numerous people associated with him, including his parents and employees of the rent-a-car agency that rented him the car in which he drove to of Spain, says Stefanovi. Information was also collected about his movements and the telephone conversations he made.

He was arrested and landed in the USA

The prince was taken into custody on the fourth of May, and he is currently in custody in the city of Miami, Florida, suspected of kidnapping his wife. He was arrested at the airport. The court refused to release him on bail due to the risk of flight. The court has twice denied parole bail because, according to the judge, his wealth and connections abroad can ensure an easy escape from judicial authorities.

Let us remind you, the missing Ana Knežević was born in Colombia, and since 2008 she has been living in the USA and has American citizenship. She was married to David for 13 years, and they separated this summer. They initiated the divorce process, and Ana moved to Madrid. Together, they also owned a company and real estate worth about 15 million dollars, which, as reported by the media, the Belgrade native tried to sell.

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