Recklinghausen: Mercedes driver pulled climate chaos woman’s hair

Recklinghausen (North Rhine-Westphalia) – Blonde against blocker!

The police in Recklinghausen is using photos to search for a woman who allegedly dragged a climate activist off the street by her hair. According to investigators, the victim and another activist from the “Last Generation” blocked Essener Straße near Lehmkuhler Straße on July 14th last year.

Who recognizes the blonde?

Photo: Recklinghausen Police

Then came these scenes: The blonde woman with her black Mercedes Because of the sit-in, she was unable to continue driving and was dragged off the road by the climate chaos activist’s hair.

The crime was filmed and in social networks shared. Public interest was very high. Despite media coverage, no concrete information was received about the unknown suspect. She is wanted on suspicion of bodily harm

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