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The peace conference on Ukrainewhich this weekend gathered in Swiss to more than 90 countries but did not have the presence of Russia in Chinagave “zero” results, the Kremlin.

If we talk about results of this meeting, we are close to zerothe spokesman for the Russian presidency declared to the press, Dmitri Peskov.

In their opinion, many of the participants understood that “any serious discussion has no future without the presence of Russia”.

A vast majority of participating countries signed a final declaration of support for the independence and territorial sovereignty of Ukraine. But some of them, like Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia,they abstained.

Peskov assured that the president Vladimir Putin “remains open to dialogue now talks “serious.”

The Russian president stated last week that Moscow I would only participate in some peace negotiations and Ukraine It was withdrawing from four of its regions, which would effectively be equivalent to a surrender.

Moscow launched its special military operation against Ukraine in February 2022.

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