After 1.5 years, Belgian Sandra H. (45) confesses to the murder of Ichelle van de Velde

Sandra H. (45), a murder suspect, has revealed that she is completely responsible for the death of Ichelle van de Velde, 29, of Oostburg, the Netherlands, after a year and a half of investigation. The Zeeland daily PZC has reported on this. After a year and a half, the Belgian woman goes back to an earlier statement in which she said she acted “on behalf of.”

H. appeared to have made statements about her role in Ichelle’s death during a preliminary session in the Middelburg court on Wednesday. Last Thursday, she confessed to the examining magistrate.

The Public Prosecution Service wants to look into H’s latest statement’s veracity. H.’s lawyer wants her to be re-examined despite the fact that she has already taken a personality test.

Sandra H. (45), a mother of nine children and an immigrant from Antwerp, lived next door to Ichelle and managed a spiritual shop on the same street. Sandra’s partner, Felix, had a hidden connection with Ichelle. Maybe that’s why she was murdered and dismembered. On February 16, 2021, the first pieces of her remains were discovered when police discovered traces in H.

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