Since the start of the war, the IDF has killed 29 senior Hezbollah commanders.

Since the beginning of the war, the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah has admitted the death of 345 of its fighters as a result of the actions of the Israel Defense Forces.

According to the Alma Institute, which specializes in security issues on the northern front (northern Israel, Lebanon, Syria), 29 of them, including the one liquidated today, were members of the command staff of Hezbollah combat units.

11 of them were part of the command of geographical units responsible for operations in a particular region of Southern Lebanon, including the commander of the Nazer unit, Haj Abu-Taleb.

The 10 killed were part of the chain of command of Hezbollah’s main strike force, the Raduan special forces, including the actual commander of the unit, Wassem al-Tawil.”

In both units, most of those liquidated were senior ranks, at a level similar to that of brigade commanders.

Also, two high-ranking commanders from Hezbollah’s air and anti-aircraft forces and four specialists in the fields of research and development and weapons production were also eliminated.

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