Jovanovic (People’s Party): We could have gone to the polls alone, but we were committed to the unity of the opposition

The Secretary General of the People’s Party, Stefan Jovanović, stated today that the party could have gone to the polls on its own, but was “committed to the unity of the opposition from the beginning”, for which it “agreed to impose decisions, as was done with Zdravko’s candidacy Ponosha “.

“I believe that the opposition must analyze in detail where it was wrong in the campaign, and it was wrong, and say pop pop, and bob bob, so that we do not repeat mistakes in the future, and the truth knows it hurts,” Jovanovic told Danas. , on the occasion of the statement of the President of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA) Dragan Djilas that it would be “fair that the People’s Party said everything that bothered it when the coalition was formed” and that it did not go to the polls in that coalition.

Regarding the proposal of Professor Cedomir Cupic on the formation of a “supra-party body” in Belgrade until the new elections, Jovanovic said that it had been shown that such solutions did not bring results, although he believed that it was proposed in good faith.

“Politicians must be involved in politics and take responsibility for their decisions, without hiding behind non-partisan personalities,” said Jovanovic.

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